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Immigration is when a person or group of people crosses an international border or moves from one place to another within the boundaries of a country. Migration is a social phenomenon that has occurred in every age from the creation of mankind until today and has affected people with many factors.(Bayraktar, 2014)

Human migrations have been subject to very different studies throughout history and they have searched for solutions from the perspectives of academicians, state policy and political power. However, no effective solution was found. Until modern times from the most primitive times, the reasons for migration have not changed. The most important causes of refugee movements are internal conflict and oppressive regimes. The number of countries receiving immigration is increasing every year. Many people have been forced to emigrate due to the civil wars in Middle East countries especially in recent years, as a result, developed and developing countries have faced serious problems against intensive migration movements. Due to the internal disturbances that started in Syria on March 15, 2011, many people had to migrate in masses in search for safe areas. In these migration events many people lost their lives and many others become instruments for the purposes of various organizations. The policies and manners of approach of the countries that are the targets of these migration movements have caused the problem to grow further. In terms of host countries in migration movements, many problems such as security risk have emerged preliminarily and countries have faced difficulties in order to find solutions to these problems. For this reason, many countries have either refused to accept refugees or accepted very few refugees. The Negotiations have not yielded results and solutions that have not been put into practice have increased the problems. Our country, Turkey has opened its doors to the refugees without being indifferent to this humanity drama and has become the most refugee hosted country and has given the refugees the opportunity to live in better conditions than many other countries. But the end result, due to high number of refugees, caused certain issues.


The offered solution, the immigrant city project is a project for mass migration movements. The aim of this project is to minimize the problems experienced in terms of both refugees and host countries in the countries that receive heavy migration in the events like the Syrian crisis.

The immigrant city is a city that has at least a minimum of all the elements of a city established specifically for refugees and constitutes an economy within itself.

City Establishment:Establishing a location near the city boundary will be important in terms of ensuring control. Placement can vary according to many factors. Some of these factors are reasons such as preferring unused inefficient soils or proximity to a labor-based sector or raw material.

After the location determining phase, the first nucleus city concept starts with the construction of all elements of the city. Construction materials may vary according to cost of the elements that will be used in the construction of the houses. At the first stage, the number of housing can be determined as a limited amount and then increased according to the need. Schools, hospitals and places of worship that should be in a city are all built to respond to a specific need.

Although the establishment of the city requires a serious fund, it can be reasonably deemed that the solution to many problems and the advantages to be provided in the future can be taken into account.

City Settlement:After a certain number of houses are built, the refugees are placed in this city. The number of housing can be increased according to the need situation. When refugees are taken in from the border they are allowed to enter this city in a controlled manner and they are not allowed to go to another place in the country.

When the refugees are taken to the city, the data of these people are also processed and registered. These data are evaluated and they are assigned to units such as hospitals, schools, security institutions according to their level of knowledge and skills in the cities built. Among the people who emigrate from their countries there are people expert in many subjects, people who have profession and wealthy people with a certain level of knowledge. These people should be assessed in this city and be offered the opportunity to continue their professions. The needs of the people in the city should be provided by these people. Factors such as tradesmen, occupational arms and banks that people in the city need to be overcome through these people. Thus, the costs and workload of the host country will be reduced considerably.

City Layout:The control of this city will be provided by the host country.Institutions such as municipalities and security units needed in the city should be established and these institutions should be controlled by the host country, but the workload should be done by the people among the refugees who are being selected according to certain criteria.

All activities such as infrastructure, environmental clean-up, social activities that a municipality has made in the city should be carried out in order to meet the minimum needs of people in this city. The people in the city are the ones who will understand the needs of the people in the city in the best way and again they will be the ones responding to these needs in the best way possible. For this reason, the managers and the control should belong to the host country but the activities should be carried out by the people selected among the refugees. All the minimum institutions in the city should establish and carry out their activities.

Economic Life in the City:Among the arriving refugees there are people with certain wealth that have good economic status. The host country can make agreements with these people and enable them to assess their money and establish business lines that the city needs to build businesses to build banks.

The host country may employ refugees in this city by developing a labor-based industry that requires unskilled labor in or near the immigrant city. For example, when we think that this city is located in a place in the south of our country, we can employ many people with a cotton textile factory that grows in that region. This will be highly beneficial both for the host country and for the refugees, with a specific wage policy.

Projects output

Security: Perhaps the most important issue in the refugee problem is security. For this reason many countries do not accept refugees and this troubles them, especially European countries. In this project, refugees will be received only to this city in a controlled manner and they will not be allowed to go anywhere else within the country.  After a certain period of time, when their data will be collected and after fulfilling sufficient criteria for security, the refugees who settled in the city will be allowed to go to another place within the country.For this reason, a person who will carry out terrorist activities in the country will be prevented from entering the country in the refugee identity. For example, a live bomb victim will not be able to cross the border as a refugee and go anywhere in the country by these precautions, and it will not make much sense for the terrorist to carry out this terrorist activity in a refugee camp. It is very difficult to obtain this control from the border, and it will be easier by spreading these long periods of time to a certain adjustment in the immigrant city.

Ethnic identity: refugees may not be from the same religion or the same nation as the host country people, so their customs and cultures can be quite different. This situation causes some problems both for the people of the host country and for the refugees. In terms of some countries, refugees are seriously alienated. People in immigrant towns will have familiar characteristics in common, and the people in the city and those who run the activities of the city will be from the people who understand each other. In this way, both refugees will have the opportunity to live together as they are in the country they lived in, and there will be no formation of problems, such as problems of adaptation of the host country people to the refugees.

Economic life:in terms of the host countries that are exposed to this immigration in the mass migration movements, the expenditures for housing can reach very high amounts and this can push the country’s economy. Particularly in the case of long-term solutions such as the Syrian problem, it reaches to inextricable dimensions. Although the project may seem expensive at first, then the burden on the country's economy will gradually diminish as the host country establishes an economic order in this city. In the case of immigration, such as the long period of return, the immigrant city project will allow the cost of shelter to fall.

Social life: immigration is quite influential in social life. Migration is significantly influential in social life for both, the people who are forced to migrate and the people of the countries who are exposed to migration movements. In the city of immigrants, people will be able to work at a certain scale and will need less of the help of others. For this reason, these people will not make initiatives such as begging, instrumentalizing the purposes of various organizations, and taking the risk of death in order to sustain their children's lives. Besides, they will also make it possible for immigrants to carry out their social cultural activities in this city, and this will keep the morale level of these people high. Refugees who are not dispersed within the country will not be able to influence the labor market, environmental layout and social life of the host country.

Scientific Study:With the successful establishment of immigrant city, a self-sufficient core economy will emerge. Assuming that the other variables in the economic theory remain constant, the assumption in this core economy will not be an assumption and will come out. Because many factors are controllable in this city, scientific studies will allow economic studies to give more meaningful results. Although the establishment of the city and the maintenance of the order and the maintenance of the activities seem costly and difficult, the costs will be reduced and the continuity will be ensured especially when the economy wheels start turning when this order is provided for the host country. Moreover, it will be seen that it will be very advantageous when if factors such as the amount of expenditure made in the tent city in our country, continuity and solutions to many problems, especially security, are taken into consideration.









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